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What are People Saying?

As a non-invasive form of holistic healing, Reiki can do many amazing things for animals. It can be used to:

  • Maintain health and well-being on the physical, mental and emotional levels
  • Help reduce pain and inflammation
  • Help manage behavior problems and aggression
  • Help abused animals heal from past mental/physical trauma
  • Lessen side-effects from medical treatments and/or medications
  • Support the end-of-life process


In my work at Hikari Natural Healing, I have seen Reiki work on all of these levels. Here are just a few examples from past clients.

Cancer (11-year-old shepherd/husky mix dog)

"When my dog Echo was diagnosed with cancer, my vet recommended traditional treatment along with Reiki. I admit I was skeptical. But after just one session with Amy, both my dad and I noticed how Echo seemed more upbeat and that her tumor was noticeably smaller. Even my vet was astounded at how much the tumor had shrunk. I will be singing your praises for many years to come. Echo and I both look forward to many, many sessions for her." -- Susan Mueller

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Anxiety and fear (4-year-old Boston Terrier dog)

"Three appointments and Lulu Belle is a brand new dog. I know it was the Reiki! Thank you, Amy. Lulu thanks you, too." -- Leatta Perdue

Behavior change (9-year-old Quarter Horse)

"We see a positive change in Will's behavior after Amy's visit. Will seemed happier, more willing to do his ground work, and began playing with (our other horse) again. Will seems happier with the people in his life, his relationship with my daughter is more peaceful and loving, and he is far less pushy and erratic."

Will's story is documented in a magazine article written April 2011 by a journalist from South Central Wisconsin's Nature's Pathways Magazine who went undercover to visit Hikari Natural Healing. Read her full story here.

Energy Boost (4-year-old mix breed dog)

"Grace was bursting with positive energy on the way home and also for awhile after we got home, just like she'd had a battery recharge. Thanks so much for sharing your gift!!!"

Energy Boost and Pain Management (14-year-old cat)

"He has so much more energy and he is moving around without much pain from his 'aging years.' I HIGHLY recommend Amy to everyone that has animals, whether they are aging, hurting or just in need for a boost of energy."  -- Susan Peck, blogger, "Bodhi's Mews"  Complete Review here