Hikari Natural Healing

For your animal companion


I am Master level certified in Reiki (2008): Usui Shiki Ryoho, also called the Usui System of Natural Healing, and certified in Animal Reiki from the Animal Reiki Source (2010). I also received a certificate in animal aromatherapy (2011) from the International Certified Aroma Therapy Institute.


Max and I, 2011


I was called to become a Reiki practitioner after seeing the dramatic changes Reiki had on my beloved Quarter Horse, Maximus. I bought Max in 2005 with hopes of him growing into a wonderful riding prospect. It turned out Max was in terrible pain from arthritis at just 3-years-old! I tried all forms of traditional western medicine. But thousands of dollars later I had a horse that was doomed to be of limited riding use, at times dangerous because of his foul temper, and in pain.

Months later, a colleague of mine suggested an alternative healing method—Reiki. After a bit of work with an animal communicator and four sessions of Reiki, Max began moving like never before. Not only had his physical body changed—the arthritis was gone—but his heart was open. There are no more behavior problems, and our bond is stronger than ever before. The change was so profound I knew in my heart I needed to learn how to help others experience these kinds of transformations for themselves and for their animal companions.

I’ve since worked with all kinds of animals and see the profound effects Reiki can have on their lives—and the lives of their owners.

I have many more stories about Reiki and the animals that have shaped my life. So please, visit this website again to read more.